Innovating Mourning, Commemorate Anytime Anywhere

Pre-Built Integrations

We already built everything for you. Upload your beloved ones' info and show your respect to them right away.

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Reduce the use of resources and the pollution brought by physical commemoration.

Connect with Your Family Anywhere

We can worship the leavers and reunite families to trace back to their ancestors by connecting family tree nodes.

Uniquity and originality

Every graveyard is to be uniquely designed, the authenticity can be assigned to each of them.

Metamory Ecosystem

New Era in Mourning & Death-care

A successful blockchain commemoration platform should be able to empower the value of the whole mourning process which can be verified to be sincerely meaningful.


Bridge the fragile experience of mourning by allowing the bereaved to create their own space to hold the deceased's' memories on Metaverse.

AI Avatar

Metamory creates an AI 3D avatar to be a librarian of the biography house, enabling our beloved ones to 'live' from beyond the grave, and continue to be present in their loved one's big life moments.

Biography Exhibition

Create a personalized biography house for the bereaved including NFT Grave and the life stories with media, including photos, videos, sounds, & 3D avatars.

Blockchain Graveyard

With the distinct existence of NFT digital signatures on the blockchain, we can create the unique value of the eternal manifestation of an NFT grave to commemorate the deceased.

Blockchain Family Tree

Metamory will develop a blockchain family tree system that will be eternal and irreversible. Recording not only names but also life stories, including Metamory biography house.

Mourning System

Metamory allows users to purchase NFT digital offerings and NFT Grave designs from designers written in our self-developed smart contract from the Metamory marketplace or secondary markets.


Timeline of Metamory

Q2  2022

  • Project Started
  • Enrolled to HK Tech300 Angel Fund & HKSTP Ideation

Q3  2022

  • Partnership with Neptune Digital's OPE blockchain
  • Participated in HKCCF 2022

Q4  2022

  • Metamory Alpha Pets Platform Launch
  • $MMT Token Generation Event

Q1  2023

  • MemoryLand Pre-sale
  • Complete Metamory Launch on Ethereum


Teamboard of Metamory

Raphael Lau

Co-Founder & CEO

Jovy Yu

Co-Founder & COO

Levan Lui

Co-Founder & CTO

Ray Kuo

Co-Founder & CIO

Vincent Wong

Technical Consultant


Advisors of Metamory

Prof. WANG Yang

  • HKUST Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Founder of HKUST CryptoFintech Labent
  • Associate Director of HKUST Big Data Institute
  • Director of HKUST Big Data and Bio-Intelligence Lab

Prof. CHEN Kani

  • Department of Mathematics(Director)
  • Fellow of Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • Director of Crypto-Fintech Lab and MSc Financial Mathematics

Mr. Kenneth Chau

  • Founder & CEO of iMusictech
  • Chairman of HKSTP Technology Incubation Network
  • Blogger of METRO, e-zone & HKET

Mr. Peter Koo

  • APAC Leader of IT & Specialized Assurance at Deloitte

Mr. Garrick Tang

  • Cryptopreneur
  • Co-founder and COO, Cosmo Real Estate Limited

Mr. Neil Tan

  • CEO of Neptune Digital
  • Chairman of FTAHK
  • Mentor China Accelerator & CUHK


Awards of Metamory


Partners of Metamory